High Quality Food Grade Pure 10% Canthaxanthin CWS for Food with ISO

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Code: SP-CA006

CAS: 514-78-3

Molecular formula:C40H52O2.


Canthaxanthin Crystal 98%;

Canthaxanthin 10% CWS

Appearance:  Violet -red to reddish-violet beadlets


CANTHAXANTHIN is one of two major carotenoids in nature, the second being Beta Carotene.

Canthaxanthin itself is a natural carotenoid found in many different plants. It is the natural coloring of apples and many other fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Canthaxanthin functions as an ultra violet photon absorber, a singlet and triplet oxygen quencher and free radical deactivator.

Canthaxanthin is widely used and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as a food color additive. Extensively used in commercial food products like ketchup, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, etc. 30mg per 16 ounces of food or liquid ingested is the suggested dosage. Research does show that carotenoid supplements are not as well absorbed when taken on an empty stomach.

Canthaxanthin is used to reduce sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity) experienced by people who have a rare genetic disease called erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP). In these people, sunlight can cause skin reactions such as rash, itch, and eczema. Canthaxanthin is also used to reduce sun sensitivity caused by certain medications. Some people also try it for relieving itching caused by sun exposure.


1. .Excellent stability-Double micro-coating technology was applied to the production of Lutein Beadlet.

2.Support the eye health-Lutein is a major element for macular lutea in eyes, and it has a prevention effect on AMD to protect vision for senior citizens.;

3. Well disperse in warm water(about 35~37℃), is very good for absorbing in body.

4. Free-flowing Granules for easy mixing


Inside: Vacuumed aseptic PE bags/aluminum foil bags, 25kgs or 20KGS /box

Outside: Carton

Packages size can also be offered as customer requirements


Marigold (Calendula) capsules are generally available in strengths that range from 300 to 600 mg. A capsule strength of 400 to 500 mg is recommended to be taken 3 times daily.

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