Bile Acid Talkes

Bile Acid Talkes

Consumers are demanding animal proteins and products free from antibiotics.

BioGro® by Springbio feed additives have been developed as consumers demand more natural ingredients. BioGro® offers proprietary blends of Bile acid as a emulsifier with scientifically validated functionalities:

Bile acids are the main active ingredients of bile, which is one synthesis sterols material with multiple bioactivities.

Product content: 30% bile acids


1. Promote fat digestion and absorption
Bile acids have biosurfactant structure for fat which causes fat emulsified into microscopid droplets. Greatly increases the surface area of fat, making it available for digestion by lipase.

2. Activate lipase
Bile acids can change the structure of lipase when combining into micelles to finish fat hydrolyzation process.

3. Promote fat absorption
The combination of bile acids and fatty acids, can facilitate fatty acids to reach to surface of small intestinal villus and get into bloodstream.

4. Decrease fat deposit in liver and promote the compound of VLDL, prevent fatty liver syndrome;

5. Promote the bile secretion and release the heavy burden of liver;

6. Detoxification, bile acids could help to combine and decompose toxins, like mycotoxins, endotoxins which do great harm to liver and intestine.

Broiler & duck

bile acid-poultry

1. Lower feed cost, ME could be reduced by 30-60 kcal.

2.Improve the growth performance, FCR could be improved 6%-12% and the housing time could be shortened 1-2 days with same body weight.

3.Improve slaughter performance, carcass rate could be improved by 1%-1.5%.


bile acid-poultry

1.For shrimps and other crustaceans which could not secret bile salts and cholesterol, adding Bile acid could promote metamorphosis and shorten the molting time.

2.Replace part of the cholesterol, reduce feed cost.

3. Protect the health of pancreas and intestine, the survival rate could be improved by 10%.

4. Enhance the anti-stress ability of shrimp and reduce the risk of some vital disease outbreak like EMS/EHP/white feces.


bile acid-poultry

1. Promote the digestion and absorption of fat, improve the utilization of fat and other nutrients;

2.Efficient solution for trophic diarrhea, especially during weaning period , trophic diarrhea rate can be lowered by 5-10%,

3.lmprove the growth performance, daily weight gain rate can be improved by 8-15%,FCR can be improved by 5-10% promote growth and increase feed intake.

4.For sows, adding bile acids can improve the quality of nursing sow's milk, effective in the survival rate of piglets and birth weight.


bile acid-poultry

1. Improve daily weight gain by 15-20% through improving lipids absorption. Improve FCR by 15% minimum, obviously increase feed intake, shorten slaughter cycle by adding regularly.

2.1mprove slaughter quality, reduce under-skin fat, increase fat between muscle, improve carcass rate.

3.Improve immunity of cattle and meat sheep, lower morbidity.

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