About Us

About Us

A Hi tech enterprise specializing in Human nutrition & Animal nutrition-especially focus on carotenoids.


To become the market leader in providing nutritional carotenoid pigments for animals and human, reliable and responsible!


To create value; To create colorful; To create diffidence!


Improve the quality of life.


To Be colorful and nutritional; To grow up healthily and happily.


Nurture a winning network of customers and Springbio,together we create mutual, enduring value.


Maximize long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.


Safe! Highly effective! Reliable!


To Create Value; To Create Colorful; To Create Diffidence!

—— Feed additives & Food additives sales company

Hangzhou Spring Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Founding in 2010

CEO: Dr. Mr. Xu Jianmeng

Sales Director: Mr.Justin Email: sales@cantaxantina.com

Three Production Base:

1.Zhejiang Spring Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (carotenoid pigments: canthaxanthin..)

2. Zhejiang Medicine (Feed additives & food addtives)

3. Ningbo Spring Bio.Co., Ltd. (Natural ingredients)


With more than 300 staff, cover an area total 25000 square meters, 6 branches and 10 workrooms are under the Fermentation and synthesis factory.

Who We Are?

Hangzhou Spring Biotechnology Co., Ltd.is a new professional high-tech enterprise wholly-owned subsidiary of ZMC Group (ZHEJIANG MEDICINE HOLDING GROUP). For development strategy on animal nutrition and human nutrition industry, Spring Biotech has registered capital one million RMB and possesses two production base, two wholly-owned branches overseas.


As an export-oriented enterprise, Spring Biotech is devoted to the development and production of fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D), quasi-vitamins(Vitamin H, D-Biotin), natural colors(Marigold Extract-Xanthophylls & Paprika Extract-Capsanthin), nutritional extracts as food additives and feed additives. Especially for carotenoid products ((Beta-Carotene, Canthaxanthin, Astaxanthin) for pigs, poultry and aquatic animals which gain big markets overseas.
Based on the successful operating experience of ZMC Group, Spring Biotech explored a way with spirit innovation. We will warmly welcome friends from food and feed fields home and aboard to cooperate and create a wonderful career together and make contributions to the developing of society.

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