Demand for natural ingredients in food and feed is increasing as consumers desire clean, transparent labels. Carotaπ® is Springbio Natural Ingredients’ fully dedicated business unit committed to the agronomy, production and innovation of science-backed carotenoids-rich extracts in a growing number of human and animal nutrition applications.

Carotaπ® means carotenoids are the mysterious material full of Magical effect, we can call them the Orange energy, which can bring healthy to human and animals.

Carotaπ® by Springbio offers carotenoids with functional properties widely used in dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, health and personal care industries. All the ingredients under this platforms are Natural, Plant Based, Clean Label.


We love the magical color-Orange

Carotaπ® members

1. Marigold source

Lutein Powder 5%~80%

Lutein Ester 5%~80%

Lutein Ester beadlets (CWS) 5%~70%

Zeaxanthin powder 5%~80%

Zeaxanthin beadlets (CWS) 5%~20%

2. Tomato Source

Lycopene powder 5%~20%

Lycopene beadlets 5%~10%

Lycopene beadlets (CWS) 5%

Lycopene Crystals 80%

3. Carrots Source

Beta carotene beadlet 1%~10%

Beta carotene oil suspension 10%~30%

4. Phaffia rhodozyma Source

Astaxanthin beadlet 0.4%

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