Our experts offer technique support at your disposal any time and a responsive and flexible team to support you in "creating your difference" to help you to gain the markets.


Guaranteed product traceability through rigorous certifications (FAMI-QS;GMP, ISO and so on)


Professional process innovation to add value to your products then your business and your offer as more superior compared to your competitors.

Quality Guarantee

1. Sourcing Control

The raw material of natural products compliance with GAP.

Strict selection and qualification examination for suppliers

Responsible and sustainable production chain

2. Systematic analysis and traceability

Examines each batch of raw material, and in our laboratory for identity, potency, and purity.

we have launch programs that consists of an identification verification program and a program with tracking procedures that control and verify product characteristics at every stage of the manufacturing process, from arrival of raw materials through to storage, production, warehousing, and sales.

3. Technical support

A team of after-sale service can offer technical support any time any step of using our products

Support downstream traceability

All quality and regulatory guaranteed provided.

Full information made easily accessible to our customers

Each product comes with a complete dossier containing all guarantees necessary for its assessment, speeding up the time-to-market:

● product identity
● ingredient list
● certificate of analysis and methods
● regulatory status
● storage conditions
● shelf life
● potential allergens

● GMO status
● BSE guarantees
● vegetarian/vegan status
● customs code
● production flow chart
● nutritional information
● safety data sheets

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