SP-VF001 Hot Sale China Factory Pure fat-Soluble Vitamin E Powder for Animal Nutrition

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Item: Vitamin E 50%

Spec.:50%feed G.

CAS No.: 7695-91-2

Molecular Formula: C31H52O3;  Molecular Weight: 472.8

Appearance:White or whitelike powder


Used in animal premix and compound feed, to enhance animal immunity, improve meat quality, increase animal reproductive performance, and ease the stress reaction in livestock and poultry

Packaging: 25kgs/bag or 20kgs/box

Stability: Storage stability min.24 months in unopened original packaging

Storage Conditions:Sensitive to moisture, oxygen, heat and light, keep cool and in a dark place

Conversion factors: 1 mg dl-tocopheryl acetate = 1 IU

Recommendations for supplementation

AnimalsLayer hensBroilersFattening pigsSwineTrout and salmonDairy cowsCattle
 μg per kg compound feed20-3030-5080-120 40-60 180-250 200-400 200-300

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