Best Price Food Coloring Beta-Carotene Powder OR oil 1%~96%

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Code: SP-CA005

CAS: 7235-40-7

Molecular formula:C40H56.


β-carotene Crystal 96%;(HPLC)

β-carotene OS (Suspension)  30% HPLC

β-carotene TAB 20% HPLC

β-carotene CWS 10%HPLC

β-carotene CWS-K 1%HPLC

Appearance: Red or Yellow-brown free-flowing powder or Red-brown oil


Beta carotene is the molecule that gives carrots their orange colour. It is part of a family of chemicals called the carotenoids, which are found in many fruit and vegetables, as well as some animal products such as egg yolks. Biologically, beta carotene is most important as the precursor of vitamin A. It also has anti-oxidant properties and may help in preventing cancer and other diseases.

Beta Carotene is also known as a provitamin because it can be converted in our body into vitamin A after oxidative cleavage by beta carotene 15, 150-dioxygenase. In plants, beta carotene, acts as an anti-oxidant and neutralizes singlet oxygen radicals formed during photosynthesis.

Main Function:  

1. β-carotene is a natural eye drops, help maintain lubrication and transparency of the cornea and promote eye health.
2. β-carotene is one of the most effective antioxidants against free radicals
3. β-carotene to strengthen the immune system, enhance resistance
4.β-carotene to prevent cancer, reduce the risk of oral cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer
5. β-carotene to prevent cataract, help to protect the fiber part of the eye lens
6. β-carotene to prevent cardiovascular disease
7. β-carotene into vitamin A, to help maintain the skin and organ lumen normalization of the mucosal system
8. β-carotene to enhance the reproductive system and urinary system function, improve sperm motility, prevention of prostate disease
9. β-carotene improves and strengthens the respiratory system


1. .Excellent stability-Double micro-coating technology was applied to the production of Lutein Beadlet.

2.Support the eye health-Lutein is a major element for macular lutea in eyes, and it has a prevention effect on AMD to protect vision for senior citizens.;

3. Well disperse in warm water(about 35~37℃), is very good for absorbing in body.

4. Free-flowing Granules for easy mixing


Inside: Vacuumed aseptic PE bags/aluminum foil bags, 25kgs or 20KGS /box

Outside: Carton

Packages size can also be offered as customer requirements


Marigold (Calendula) capsules are generally available in strengths that range from 300 to 600 mg. A capsule strength of 400 to 500 mg is recommended to be taken 3 times daily.

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