SP-FD005 Carophyll yellow Apocarotenoic ester 10% feed grade offering yellow pigmentation of egg yolk

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Code: SP-FD005

Chemical name: Ethyl 8’-apo-β-caroten-8’-oate

Synonyms: Apocarotenoic ester, Apoester


Spec.: 10%

Appearance: orange-Red free-flowing beadlets


Apocarotenoic ester is considered as a naturally occurring metabolite in animal tissues. It also exists as a metabolic product of apocarotinal in citrus fruits, green vegetables and lucerne. Apocarotenoic ester shows antioxidant properties and has a positive impact on the immune system.

Apocarotenoic ester is a yellow carotenoid and widely used in the feed industry as an additive for offering yellow pigmentation of egg yolk and poultry skin. It is a highly potent yellow colourant available to poultry industry. In comparison to yellow xanthophylls from plants, apocarotenoic ester is in a high bioavailability form and has a higher deposition rate in egg yolk and poultry skin. It is also used for fish pigmentation in some Asian countries.

The microencapsulation beadlets are manufactured with advanced spray and starch-catching drying technology. The individual particles containing Apocarotenoic ester are finely dispersed in the matrix of gelatin and sucrose, coated with corn starch. free-flowing and easy mixing in feed, high safety and stability.


1.Excellent stability-Double micro-coating technology was applied to the production of  Apocarotenoic ester

2.Function as Pro-Vitamin A, can enhance the growth of animal, prevent deficiencies;

3. Original efficient and reliable synthetic route assure high purity.

4. Good stability and moisture resistance.

5. Well disperse in cold water(about 20~25℃), is very good for absorbing in body of poultry.

6.Free-flowing Granules for easy mixing


Inside: Vacuumed aseptic PE bags/aluminum foil bags, 25kgs or 20KGS /box

Outside: Carton

Packages size can also be offered as customer requirements


Recommended Usage(g/ton finished feed)

50-150g for poultry feed

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