Pure Natural Astaxanthin Powder 3% 5% 10% with Haematococcus Pluvialis source

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Code: SP-CA007

CAS: 472-61-7

Molecular formula:C40H52O4.


Astaxanthin 1.0% ;2.0% encapsulated granule

Appearance:  Violet -red to reddish-violet powder


haematococcus pluvialis and spores harvested as raw material, through algal fluid concentration separation, spray drying is made of 100% haematococcus pluvialis powder, appearance for the red or dark red uniform powder, with the delicate flavors of the natural algea, astaxanthin content is between 3% and 5% (using clean closed bioreactor cultivation, containing no additives)

Haematococcus pluvialis is a freshwater species that is well known for its high content of the strong antioxidant astaxanthin, which is important both in aquaculture and cosmetics. A high amount of astaxanthin is present in its resting cells, which are produced and rapidly accumulated when the environmental conditions become unfavorable for normal cell growth (Boussiba et al., 1999; Boussiba, 2000).

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, like beta-carotene from carrots and lycopene from tomatoes. The carotenoids in these fruits and vegetables are healthy antioxidants too, but astaxanthin is the strongest antioxidant of them all! Astaxanthin can neutralize oxygen free radicals 4.9 times better than beta-carotene and 1.6x better than lycopene.

To make natural astaxanthin available for humans, it should be grown in a clean and controlled environment – preferably in indoor cultivation tanks with filtered air and water. The algae start out green and once the algae culture has grown dense enough, they algae are exposed to high light conditions to trigger breakdown of green chlorophyll and synthesis of red astaxanthin. The algae turn red, and once they have completely matured to this astaxanthin-rich “red phase” they are harvested. The water is removed, the algae are washed, and the cell walls of the algae are cracked to gain access to the rich astaxanthin oil inside the algae cells. The astaxanthin oil is purified and can then be used to make softgels, powder for instant drinks, gummies, candies, and more.


1. .Excellent stability-Double micro-coating technology was applied to the production of Lutein Beadlet.

2.Support the eye health-Lutein is a major element for macular lutea in eyes, and it has a prevention effect on AMD to protect vision for senior citizens.;

3. Well disperse in warm water(about 35~37℃), is very good for absorbing in body.

4. Free-flowing Granules for easy mixing


Inside: Vacuumed aseptic PE bags/aluminum foil bags, 25kgs or 20KGS /box

Outside: Carton

Packages size can also be offered as customer requirements


Marigold (Calendula) capsules are generally available in strengths that range from 300 to 600 mg. A capsule strength of 400 to 500 mg is recommended to be taken 3 times daily.

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