SP-AT002 Zinc Fumarate as a new type zinc supplementary addictive with safe and high effective

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Code: XC-AT02

Chemical name:  Zinc Fumarate


Spec.: CP2005

Appearance: White powder


Zinc is the essential element in animal growth. It plays important function in maintaining animal growth and development, material metabolism and immune function. Zinc Fumarate has completely overcome the defect of inorganic zinc.

It is one of the favorite choices of organic zinc source.

1.Zinc Fumarate can improve organism enzymatic activity, promote animal growth and feed conversion; can improve female livestock reproductive performance and service life;

3.It can make beasts and birds fur be more light..


1.It is new type zinc supplementary addictive with safe and high effective features;

2.It has different absorption method with ferrous sulfate;

3. Good stability and moisture resistance.

4.Free-flowing powder for easy mixing


Inside: Vacuumed aseptic PE bags/aluminum foil bags, 25kgs or 20KGS /box

Outside: Carton

Packages size can also be offered as customer requirements


Recommended Usage(g/ton finished feed)

1.piglet: 200-300g/ton complete feed;

2.big pig: 100-200 g/ton complete feed;

3. lactation pig: 150-300 g/ton complete feed;

4. latter half of gestation pig: 100-200 g/ton complete feed;

5. domestic fowl: 50-100 g/ton complete feed;

6. aquatic livestock: 150-200 g/ton complete feed.

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