Springbio, Hangzhou Branch, is expanding its Feed Bile Acid series with the launch of BioGro®. -BILE ACID TALKS.

Springbio, Hangzhou Branch, is expanding its Feed Bile Acid series with the launch of BioGro®. -BILE ACID TALKS. Developed in partnership with BOJI FEEDING, this latest ingredient solution for animal supplements. Available in powder and granule form, BioGro®-Bile acids mixed with special amino acids, herb extracts to form a formula feed suitable for different animals. So as to form a series of bile acid feed products: Bile acid for Ruminants; Bile acid for Poultry; Bile acid for Swine; Bile acid for Aguaculture.

BioGro® Bile acid offers an excellent source of Bile acid, delivering an 30g dose in a 100g serving feed. It is produced using a patented fermentation process. The resulting product is a dried biomass, rich in amino acid and Bile acid.

In December 2020, BioGro® Bile acid obtained Generally Recognized as Safe status for legal use in a wide range of applications, including feeding marketed as functional additives. The Chinese Department of Agriculture give the approval number, thereby agreeing with the safety assessment under the condition of use.

Nearly two third of the global livestock suffers from a bile acid deficiency. BioGro® Bile acid can promote fat digestion and absorption, protect liver and gallbladder health.

Dr. Xu .R&D Director of Springbio, Feeding Ingredients commented: BioGro® Bile acid is the world’s first Bile acid series supplement with full Supplements the nutrition. It can lower feed cost, improve the growth performance, FCR could be reduced 5%-10%. With broadly recognized regulatory acceptance, it can improve slaughter performance, carcass rate could be improved by 1.5% around.

About Springbio BioGro®. -BILE ACID TALKS

Springbio sources, manufactures and markets natural specialty feed addtives for the feeding industries. Springbio’s numerous other natural ingredients, designed to help its customers switch to natural ingredients and create healthy, authentic and effective products. The success of the company is based on a strong commitment to sustainability, continuous innovation and the talent of its people.

Springbio was founded in 2013 and is now part of CNC (founded in 2003), will become the one of the leaders in the creation of feed additives and food nutrition . Springbio invites you to discover more at

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