Good news: Springbio, Hangzhou Branch, is expanding its new formula Feed pigment -Canthaxanthin min.10% CWS.

Springbio, Hangzhou Branch, is expanding a new formula of canthaxathin 10% feed CWS. It can easy dissolve in cool water and present a bright red.

Spring red 10% are free-flowing, granulated carotenoid products. They consist of small beadlets in which the carotenoid is finely distributed in a starch-encapsulated plant and carbohydrate matrix to which antioxidants have been added, making Spring products animal-free.
The special manufacturing process, known as ‘spray-dried coating’, protects the carotenoids against oxidation and gives them high stability, water dispersability, outstanding mixing properties, and very good absorption characteristics.

New formula of Canthaxanthin min.10% CWS

Ingredients CAS NO. Concentration(w/w%)
Canthaxanthin 514-78-3 10.0%
 Calcium lignosulfonate 8061-52-7 40.0%
Maltodextrin 9050-36-6 36.0%
Starch 9005-25-8 10.0%
Dl-α-tocopherol 10191-41-0 2.50%
SiO2 14808-60-7 1.50%

Rapid dispersion ! Clear and bright without impurities

0.5g Spring red Canthaxanthin 10%CWS dissolve in 240ML water (20℃) in mid.
0.5g of Canthaxanthin 2.5% dissolve in 240ML water (20℃) on left side.
0.5g Canthaxanthin 10% (other brand) dissolve in 240ML water (20℃) in mid.


Yolk evaluation: color
In addition to water, lipids and proteins, the yolk contains carotenoids which are responsible for the color of the yolk.
As the hens cannot synthesize them, all carotenoids present in the yolk come from the rations fed to laying hens. Rations containing yellow corn, corn gluten meal, lucerne, xanthophyll-rich ingredients like flower (marigold), plant (paprika) extracts or specialty ingredients like Spring Red &yellow® will supply more carotenoids than wheat-based rations. Therefore, the color, intensity, shade and homogeneity of the yolk is dependent on the rations fed to hens and their ability to properly absorb and deposit carotenoids in the yolk.
In many countries, consumers prefer a nice, golden yolk and egg producers must ensure that they consistently meet these expectations by monitoring the intensity of the yolk color and adjusting the formulation of the rations fed to laying hens accordingly.

Springbio was founded in 2013 and is now part of CNC (founded in 2003), will become the one of the leaders in the creation of feed additives and food nutrition . Springbio invites you to discover more at 

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