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Springbio use of `natural’ products as alternatives to antibiotic feed additives in ruminant production, such as Spring coated Eessential oil, Spring coated formic acid, etc

Since the discovery and application of penicillin in 1940s, antibiotics have played unparalleled roles in the prevention, control, and treatment of infectious diseases for humans and animals. It’s also proved that the use of antibiotics in animal feeds is an important way to enhance feed efficiency. To promote animal growth, and to improve the quality of the animal products.

However, the unreasonable of antibiotics has given rise to a fear of the development of resistant bacteria that may lead to the transfer of resistant bacteria and its resistant factors from animal to humans.

Our featured products as alternatives to antibiotic- Cortex Eucommiae Extract; Astragalus polysaccharides; Coated Oregano powder; Cinnamaldehyde Powder ;Coated Carvacrol;  Ferrous Fumarate

Post time: 09-08-2020
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