Fighting the Epidemic, COVID-19, Springbio is on the way

Spring Festival is approaching. This is a national day to celebrate and enjoy happy family reunions. However, the sudden outbreak of a novel coronavirus has cast a shadow over this year’s festival. This is a war against an inhuman enemy, and the nation is making a concerted effort to combat this epidemic.

As a pharmaceutical company with a history of 65 years, Our partner company-Zhejiang Medicine has remain constantly committed to caring for human health and being a guardian of public health. After studying the situation, Company executive immediately asked the company’s production, warehousing, and sales departments to work overtime and go all out to deliver a set of new class 1 drugs, to all parts of the country, and did their utmost to contribute to this fight against the epidemic, and to shoulder their social responsibilities.

Everyone has the responsibility to fight this epidemic. Let us work together and fight this to the end.


Post time: 09-08-2020
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